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GoW PyPRP 1.6.0 released

The Ink Makers at the Guild of Writers are proud to announce the release of the GoW PyPRP Blender plugin version 1.6.0!

PyPRP is the software that allows Writers to create Ages for Uru Complete Chronicles using the open-source Blender modeler, and this release aims to collect, refine, and document one year of development work to put it in the hands of the Writer community.

Download it from the announcement post on the Guild of Writers forum, or read about what's new since PyPRP 1.5 and how to install on the GoW wiki. Highlights include:

  • Simplified installation - no more fiddling with a heap of loose files, just put the whole PyPRP folder into your scripts folder
  • The modified mesh is exported for objects that have modifiers
  • Texture scale can now be animated, and texture animation (or static offset/scale) matches the render preview in Blender
  • Added support for simple GUI dialogs
  • Many QuickScript additions
  • Many bug fixes

If you are new to Writing, check out the tutorials on the GoW wiki and come to the GoW forum or chat if you have questions.

We can't wait to see what you create with it!

Yinfara age "contests"

Yinfara is a fan age project at the Guild of Writers. It has been stuck in a rut for quite some time. We have decided to continue work on the age through small contest like tasks. While this announcement is aimed primarily at people skilled at age creation, some tasks will require concept art, music, or writing.

The concept art doesn't have to be professional. Just as long as it conveys a clear idea for the design, it will be of much help. This is a chance for all you photoshop artists, musicians, Writers, and Age builders, to help make Yinfara a reality. Tasks will be posted on the Yinfara section of the Guild of Writer's forum.

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Photo Manipulation at It's Best

Got GIMP? Can't get Photoshop or CorelDraw cheap?

Take heart all you image makers, Writers and picture takers. There's a deal too good to pass by. Corel is letting PaintShop Pro 10 go at a bargain price.

How about FREE !

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Educational Uru Ages Released!!

At last! This seven (yes 7) ages can now be visited!

Ametist and Metasabalt, two teachers in real life, have just released a set 7 Educational Ages to challenge their students and demonstrate once again how much Uru is not just a game.

We thank those of you who contributed ideas for the new ages as well as translated our English journals into German (Laura and Diafero). Our ages are very much a work in progress, and we hope that you will give us more ideas to improve them either from an educational or technical point of view. We want to create puzzles that will challenge our students as only Uru can. We wish all you could be in our classrooms when we show the students these uru educational ages. They are so excited, and even usually unmotivated students participate in the lessons. For us, that is the greatest reward for our work!
The new ages include new puzzles and two new ages: Wind River and Cretaceous.We invite you now to explore our new ages. Starting in Dragon’s tooth, examine the information in the journey books, and reconstruct our world as it existed millions of years ago…

Those of you that uses Drizzle may already have visited some of these our EducationalAges within offlineURU. For those who don't please use this link to get them. All seven ages are parts of a 'theme', and connected to each other with Journals or linking-books.


GoW Contest Invitation: Write a story or backstory for an existing age

At the Guild of Writers, we are working on setting up a story/backstory contest.

The premise is that writers will write a story that centers around an existing Age (or closely tied set of ages).
The story has to establish some form of continuity or backstory for that Age. Contact with the Ages writer will be recommended but is not required. Writers can also enter a story centering around their own (previously released) Age.

The purpose of this contest is to stimulate the story part that is pivotal in creating quality Ages, and everyone is welcome to join as either a contestant or a judge.

Currently, we are looking for judges (preferably ones with experience in matters relating to story writing), who are willing to help define how the contest will be judged.

If you're interested, please sign up or comment in this thread:

I hope you will consider joining the contest.

  Guild of Writers